Hello, let me explain something of who I am and what I do.

I have been practising in the field of counselling, psychotherapy, mentoring and coaching for more than twenty years. During that time I have undertaken further professional training in the UK, Europe and the USA. Go to About Me or click on the link for more about my experience and qualifications.

My work is concerned with helping you live a life that involves your whole self, mind and body – thoughts, 
feelings and actions – all of these strongly connected 
and working in harmony.

All too often life doesn’t flow smoothly and we begin to lose
 touch with our core selves. It may be a current crisis or something from a forgotten past event
 that stirs up our feelings. That is the time when 
many of us need someone to talk to,
 someone qualified that we can trust, who listens and can guide us in a positive way.